Hi, I’m Ed and I started Project’s Little Helper to explore ideas about innovation, change and teamwork in the context of projects.

I’m inspired by thinking such as Getting Real by 37Signals, lean manufacturing as made famous by Toyota, agile approaches to software development and collaborative working environments such as those at Ideo.

I believe that creative thinking, innovation and insight need not be limited to a few ‘special’ organisations; those qualities can and should be nurtured no matter where you are. It’s not always easy to do this, so let’s discuss ideas, techniques and tools that can help you, if you are interested in this as well.

One thing I’m not inspired by is those motivational posters that say things like “Determination“, underneath some stock photography of some penguins huddling together for warmth!

As a Certified Scrum exponent, there are aspects of this software development approach that I think can be applied to situations outside of that field, as well.

Being professional, getting things done and having fun while doing it aren’t mutually exclusive. So, in that tradition, I’d like to help you become your own project’s “little helper” too.


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